Tuesday, November 20, 2007


ga-zillions of people use these puplic websites to socialize everyday or almost every minute of their life. IT is both helpful and hurtful. I see Library2.0 being helpful as a way of patrons and library staff logging into this site and writing reviews of the novel they just read. Having multiple opinions is extremely helpful. We have IM upat all times so that persons from other branches can"Compare & borrow" notes from each other. The network of users has multiplied 10fold. I also like how some colleges are using facebook in order for incoming freshman to "get to know" eachother before arriving on campus. Those using these websites have buddies once they arrive at this foreign place. This is a major plus in mymind. I am disturbed how people can report nasty things anomynously through the string on facebook. Peoples lives are crushed and damaged at a young age.

Thing #6 MashUps

Mashups combine two jpegs or text and jpeg.

THING #23 THE END!!@#$%$#@

Well as the song goes, "This is the end my friend." It has been a fun journey. You were even able to "Light my Fire" with learning youtube, mashups, and image generator. I'm still waiting to take my MP3 player out of my box. Would've been nice if I would've actually learned to use it through all 23 things. Maybe that's the next 23 things or do I have to read the directions? Seriously, thanks much cause I am inspired and determined to download a book soon.


Well, I was able to log into yet another website and set up another account. Thank goodness for paper to keep all my usernames and passwords straight. OVERDRIVE was down so I signed into netlibrary. After 5 minutes of searching titles with no luck, I found the collections key and paged through page after page of cliff notes. This is a great website for teachers, but not for me. Where's a website to download audiobooks that as a librarian I would read and recommend to our patrons?

Thing #20 YOUTUBE



I like this thing!! I was able to explore podcast.net and itunes. Since we don't have apples, there was no free downloads. My kids go there all the time and really love receiving itunes gift cards. Also, when I explored podcast.net I was able to inquire about travel sites such as the Biltmore Estate and its beauty during the holidays. The audio tour was helpful, especially in the future when deciding upon vacation destinations. Finally, I really loved the soothing music from podcast.net.

Monday, November 19, 2007


This is a cool, really cool site for seeing the brighter side of life, having a tummy roll type laugh, or just remembering when . . . . . Joann shared a YOUTUBE about "What MOMs say" just prior to studying youtube. We all got a chuckle from it. I was a little bummed that I could not use the search engine to locate the exact video.
I was disturbed, however, about what others post on this site. Some are very silly, pornographic (in my opinion), or gross!
The creator of YOUTUBE definitely earns an A + in my mind, and I will frequent this site when told about things that appeal to me; however some people have spoiled a good thing with their choice of posting (my opinion, again).